CNG and LNG Containers

Viking is in progress in producing CNG and LNG Container.
PT Viking Indogas Pte Ltd established 2013. Located in Jakarta, in same office tower as Pertamina LNG.

The office personnel has a long history of design containers.
The type we plan to introduce, will be with following cylinder type.
Type 1, 100% steel cylinder, with size limitation
Type 2, Part steel and part glass fibre with limitation in size, size limitation
Type 3, Aluminum insert and carbon fiber, with limitation in size
Type 4, Plastic lining and 100% carbon fiber no size limitation
Container size, will be 10ft, 10ft extra height, 20 ft, 20 ft extra height and 40ft
All standard container.

Lastly will be the cryogenic ISO container for LNG in sizes of 10 Ft, 20 Ft and 40 Ft.

We also have solution for CNG/LNG filling stations and Compressor Stations.